What’s the Next Left? Its the collection of movements post-communism advocating for a post-capitalist society. We are building a society which uses its technology and resources not only to guarantee an acceptable lifestyle for all of its citizens but also to maximize the opportunities for self expression.

Next Left Chicago is a space where we apply our social understanding of power to our organizing locally. We reflect on engaging with institutions and creating our own. Our focus is on the Midwest and in particular Chicago because of its unrealized potential to be a model of how society can work cooperatively.

If you’re interested in participating in this blog email mrsituationist@gmail.com

Current Authors:

Nick Kreitman, 20, is post-ism and pro-organizing. He is a member of students for a democratic society and will be a grad student at University of Chicago next semester. His research is focused on urban political economy, social capital and bringing democratic participation into the workplace and local politics.


One response to “About

  1. Nick. As an Illinoian who was born in 1923 near Olney, and one who spent over 20 years in the active service of this deceitful, thankless and unforgiving nation only to be BETRAYED along with 432,000 cohorts on retired pay “after” we had done out time I will do all I can to assist you in this effort.

    Enter my name, Willard D. Gray, in Google and do a Search for a part of my life.

    I own a parcel of land in adjoining Richland County which is my homeplace which my great grandfather purchased from the government for $1.25 per acre and he registered it on October 11, 1839.

    I live adjacent to Sumner, IL, on a farm I own.

    I can stand in my great grandfather’s log cabin in Richland County in the same township in which it was built. I do not own it though. You can’t bet this heritage.

    The military will eventually destroy this nation.


    W.D. Gray
    Route #2, Box 74
    Sumner, IL, 62466
    6189362805 in pm ONLY

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